• Simon Derricutt

    Alan, Sam and Martin – very interesting! I’m not quite sure why Lead is used here as the electrodes, and will need to backtrack why that was chosen. Maybe originally for its resistance to corrosion under electrolysis. Given the other “LENR metals” that could be substituted, it might be an idea to try Titanium or Tungsten (Nickel would plate across so not as useful). It may also be an idea to use either AC or a reversible DC supply on a variable cycle-length. Another stimulus that could easily be added would be ultrasonics, since you have that capability. May be worth a try….

    If you’re using Lead, it may be worth smelting your own from some Galena, given that such ores tend to contain Silver too. It’s been noted that Silver may be the preferred catalyst for Mills, and though I don’t swallow Mills’ theories whole his background research is likely well-measured. Old Lead used to contain a few percent of Silver – enough that some church roofs were renewed with new (and pure) lead for free, paid for by the value of the Silver recovered from the old Lead. Not that I’m suggesting you go strip an old church roof….

    More pieces of the jigsaw coming together.