Friendly Robot – A different setup

Friendly Robot – A different setup

Thomas Plummer sent us a few pictures of his Friendly Robot LENR Test Kit in order to show a different setup preferable to him.  

36 Volt DC Power Supply Rearranged

The 36 VDC Power Supply has been fitted with screws directly to the electrical safety shield. Not visible on the pictures, there are double layers of 3M thick mounting tape fitted under the Power Supply to allow air to flow under it. The Power Supply now acts as the base for the electrical safety shield and the other electrical components. 

Insulation For High Heat
The Friendly Robot rests on-top of a 1 x 1 foot heat resistant sheet, as well a sheet of metal intended to reflect electromagnetic (IR) heat up and away. 

SSR Wiring SSR Setup

Out of the box, the Friendly Robot’s SSR switches the AC going into the Power Supply, on and off. Thomas was not happy with the proposed by us electrical design which makes the Power Supply constantly recycle, so he is changing the design to use a SSR DC module in order to leave the Power Supply running all the time. 

LENR Test Kit Configuration
The whole setup looking neat and tidy.

New Design Eletrics Configuration

A front view of the electrical safety shield with the power supply used as base. 

We appreciate Thomas sending over his picture and hope to hear more as he installs his own SSR and starts to experiment.