Hydrogen Gas at the lowest cost

Hydrogen Gas at the lowest cost


Hydrogen Energy – Cheap and Clean 

Possible (?) close to a breakthrough in alternative energy Alan has been working independently of LookingForHeat.com developing other novel catalyst materials to split water using Aluminium as a reducing agent.  The process is relatively simple, the catalyst is actually a bimetallic corrosion promoting catalyst. 



Hydrogen Gas as Free Energy

The pure Hydrogen energy production, just like CC-HOD (Catalytic Carbon Hydrogen on Demand) creates Aluminium Hydroxide as a by-product.  Since Aluminium Hydroxide is more valuable per ton than scrap Aluminium the Hydrogen energy is produced for almost nothing. Sure, this would not be a blanket solution for all our problems but in regards to ‘Free Energy’, on a small scale, it could be possible to build a plant and give away all the Hydrogen Gas for free – still turning a profit.  

These generators could be small and rather simplistic, they could operate quite safely. For a larger plant, infrastructure and location would be very important to ensure a good supply of scrap Aluminium as well the means to sell the Aluminium Hydroxide which would then be used in various manufacturing processes. 

Beyond Aluminium Hydroxide we think it’s possible there could be even more valuable by-products created from these types of reactions.