Mixing Fuel – Part 2 (Sealing and baking reactor cores)

Mixing Fuel – Part 2 (Sealing and baking reactor cores)

How to pre-treat, fill and seal fuel cores in 10 simple steps:

  1.  Pre-bake empty fuel core in oven at 800C for 30 minutes to remove moisture and de-gas.
    (You can do this in your reactor or – as we do – in a small furnace.)
  2.  Allow fuel core to cool down to room temperature
  3.  Carefully funnel prepared fuel mix into core 
  4.  (If you want, add a gas such as dry Hydrogen into the core)
  5.  Squeeze a ceramic wool insulation pellet into core to protect fuel powder from reacting with wet cement
  6.  Seal the core by squeezing Parkhomov cement into the top.
  7.  Apply Parkhomov cement onto a 5mm screw then use it to push the ceramic wool further into the core
  8.  Attach tape around screw to fix its position until the cement dries a little
  9.  Leave to dry for 2 hours under room temperature
  10.  Bake cores in oven at 200C for 1 hour to finish curing the cement 

Badabing Badaboom – You are ready for your first experiments.



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Remember: The risks involved can never be overstated when it comes to mixing powders for Cold Fusion.