Setting out to test ‘The Mills Protocol’ in January

Setting out to test ‘The Mills Protocol’ in January

The first LENR Kits we provided were based on  ‘shake n bake’ recipes where you whip together some Nickel with Lithium Aluminium Hydride, encapsulated in a fuel core heated to +850 Degree Celsius. Based on others research and commentaries we hoped this approach would process excess heat, but so far we have not been able to produce any convincing data.  

Pre-treatment of our powders were always ‘quick n dirty’, so now, we are setting out to perform a higher quality test during January, with Nickel Powder rigorously cleaned both inside and outside, also with lots more attention to the loading of Hydrogen.  Leading up to this test was a discussion document called ‘Ultrasonic Fuel Treatment as a Gateway to Nickel/Hydrogen LENR’ posted in October. Since then we have stocked up on some of the necessary equipment, some of it developed by Alan Smith and some of it bought online. 

Based on the discussion document we are now releasing a ‘best case protocol’ for the cleaning and loading. Our intention is to follow up with a video of the Ultrasonic Treatment and Hydrogenation, and possible a live-streamed experiment where we test the recipe in a ‘Friendly Robot LENR Reactor with add-on for pressure control.


  • Release discussion document (post) 
  • Develop ‘best case’ pre-treatment protocol (post) 
  • Build and source the equipment necessary
  • Cleaning and Hydrogenation of Nickel (video)
  •  Perform experiment (Video or live stream) 


If you are in favor of a friendly get together live-stream of the ‘Mills Protocol’, please let us know in the commentaries below, or over at LENR-Forum