LENR Test Kit Mk1. ‘Model T’


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We call this LENR test and development system the ‘Model T’ in part as an ‘homage’  to Henry Ford’s first simple motor car. The supplied parts assemble into a very inexpensive and reliable device. It is a rapid test-bed for investigating and comparing potential LENR fuel recipes since samples under test can be swapped instantly in and out of the heater unit with no need to power it down. Having the ability to compare two samples at any one time makes the Model T stable and sensitive too.  It can be upgraded readily and simply, and it is easy to feed data to our in-house designed and built data-logging system.
The kit comes with a dummy or ‘control’ fuel rod containing the Nickel powder alone, and two empty fuel tubes for your own experiments. Test recipes yourself and let us know your results – publicly on lookingforheat.com or privately. We want to know and to help.


The  BASIC Model T kit includes the following parts:-

1. 1x Thermal twin reactor housing in foamed Alumina refractory cement pre-machined ‘ready to go’. 
3. 2x Quartz heater containment tube.
4. 2x Pre-wound heater coils made from 0.9mm Super-Kanthal wire.
5. 1x PID thermostatic temperature controller  + SSR relay.
6. 3x K-type thermocouple sensor for a controller.
7. 1x Digital Thermometer
8. 1x 36V AC/DC power supply
9. 1x 12V AC/DC power supply
10. 1x Electrical fan with fittings
11. 1x PWM (Pulse Width Modulator)  
11. 6mm polycarbonate safety screen. Can be cut/drilled as required to suit your layout. (MDF baseplate not supplied)
12. 2x ‘ready to fill’  prepared fuel tube.
13. 1x filled and sealed plain nickel control core.
14. Wire and small parts to connect the system together.
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Download documentation for Model T:

Assembling and Calibrating LENR Test System – Model T
Intelligent PID Temperature Controller