Sonication & Hydrogenation of Nano Nickel (video)

Sonication & Hydrogenation of Nano Nickel (video)


LENR Fuel Preparation 

During this fuel preparation experiment we subjected 20 micron nickel powder to 12 hours of ultrasound bombardment at low temperature. During the course of the sonication, the flask containing the nickel was alternately vacuumed and flushed with pure hydrogen.  The purpose of this experiment was to remove surface oxides from the nickel and adsorb hydrogen into the metal matrix.  The nickel also contained two additives, both of which are used as ‘spillover’ catalysts to promote hydrogen absorption.

The complete recipe was:

  • 5 grams 20 micron nickel
  • 0,5 grams 100 micron copper
  • 0.5 grams acetylene derived micron-size carbon black
  • Heptane 

At the conclusion of the sonication treatment, the Heptane carrier fluid was replaced by Hexane, which is more volatile at room temperature. The hexane was then evaporated by bubbling pure Hydrogen through it until it evaporated entirely. The finished fuel is now ready for testing in our New Differential Calorimetric Reactor.


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