1: Safety

Please note that all or any procedures carried out using materials purchased from Lookingforheat.com are entirely at your own risk.  In order to purchase many of our products it is required that you read carefully, and agree to, the terms in the document “Terms And Conditions”. 


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2: General Questions, Payment & Shipping

Does your technology work?

Our kits and components , intended for gentlemen scientists, are provided as “experimental testbeds“. 

Because LENR / Cold Fusion is a poorly understood field of technology, Looking For Heat is not in a position to guarantee positive results. 

In the analogy of looking for gold- “we provide the shovels but you do the digging”. 

Am I eligible to order from your webpage?

Many products, for example Chemicals, are only shipped to responsible adults (over 21).  It’s very important that our customers understand that we demand everyone to study the risks  involved  in storing and handling our products and materials. Please read the complete product description of every single product you intend to purchase before placing an order. 

Obviously there are no restrictions related to products of harmless nature.

If I am not at home, what will happen to my package?

If you’re not at home, the postman will leave a note at your house, so you can pick up your package at your local post office or parcel shop. Sometimes the postman forgets about this note so if the package is late, you can always check yourself at the post office. If paid for, you can contact us anytime for the tracking code if necessary. Normally the package remains with the post office for 1 to 2 weeks before they send it back. Please make sure your pick it up on time. 


Can I send Cash or use Bitcoin to purchase a product?

No, we do currently not accept cash or bitcoins. 

Can I pay using a VISA or Debit Card?

We accept either Direct Bank Transfers, or, Paypal. If you have not signed up for a Paypal account you can still use Paypal’s Guest Function to pay with most Debit or Credit Cards. 

Is my payment safe?

When “checking out” you will be transferred to Paypal to carry out the transaction, after which you will be transferred back to our web page to confirm the transaction.  

LookingForHeat.Com will never ask you to give out any sensitive payment details such as the expiry date of your debit card, security code, or card number. 

If unsure, please contact us directly. 

Are all products on this webpage priced in US Dollar?


Is Tax included in the prices?

Yes, VAT is included in the prices. 

Can you sell my technology in your shop?

Lookingforheat.com focuses primarily on Clean Alternative Energy  Technologies and Scientific Anomaly Test Beds. While we operate as a for profit organisation we try to adhere as far as possible towards “Open Science“methodology. 

If you have a solution to sell, or share, please feel free to contact us in private.

I am concerned about privacy!

Lookingforheat.com will never reveal the identity, or publicly share information about our customers, without consent. Customers who purchase products from our Shop are not required to openly share their research. Products are delivered in discreet packaging. Please contact us directly should you still have questions.

What is the best place to discuss our products?

Lookingforheat.com will continuously share updates and research notes on our web page. While it is possible to comment on these updates, as well use our designated forum section, we recommend advanced researchers to utilize the designated threads over at LENR Forum for collaboration.  


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How long does delivery take?

We aim to have all products in stock at every given time, and dispatch packages two days a week.

However, given that we are a small operation and our stock is fairly modest, a delivery can take up to 28 days if we run out of certain hard to get items. 

It is possible to contact us directly to enquire about Express Shipping and estimated delivery times, however, please note that we charge extra for such services.