The Lion Cub Chronicles – Part 1 (Video)

The Lion Cub Chronicles – Part 1 (Video)

Lion is a London based researcher working with the friendly robot high temperature heater from

The researcher is heating specially treated industrial diamonds together with nickel powder sealed in alumina reactor cores. According to the researcher, in his most recent experiment the friendly robot kept the very high temperature of around 800 to 1000 Centigrade for days with little or no input power. The reactor core loaded with the active material eventually melted into the reactor housing, the entire friendly robot reactor kit was then sent to Bob Greenyer from the Martin Flesichmann Memorial Project in the Czech republic.

Based on the fusing of materials and the damages to the high temperature resistant materials of the reactor several experiments will be performed over the next couple of weeks in attempts to replicate the experiment while collecting more data. Experiments will be performed by Alan Smith in the UK, Bob Greenyer from Czech Repblic and Alan Goldwater in the US. 

Leading up to the experiments we are publishing this video of an empty core operating for 48 hours at 1000 centigrade with the silver coating and double copper wire wrapping used by lion to study the effects of long term chemical heat in a dry run.



More videos on the Lion Experiments: 








  • Alan Smith

    Hi Simon. Thank you again for your support. Like you, we feel the need to replicate LION’s work as exactly as possible in the first instance. A kind member of LENR-Forum has just donated a fair amount of nano-diamonds so we should be ok for other materials.

    The key thing about the 3M ones, and the reason I want to use them is that they have a particular history because of the processing that goes on…. They don’t AFAIK see any Lithium in LION’s process, but in the manufacture of the pads the diamonds are acid-washed and then rinsed before being sprinkled over the nickel pads and fixed in position by plating more Ni around them- the end effect being rather like a ‘rub-round’ mount as jewellers call the kind used in signet rings and the like. These are Ansi 60 grit- so quite large- nothing like nano diamonds for sure.

    It’s in the lab (or lap) of the gods- but I will be very careful not to overlook any required steps- there is a lot at stake. Happy days!

  • Simon Derricutt

    Alan and Sam – best of luck in getting a replication of Lion. Note that if you do want to try Diamond grit on its own, I found a few suppliers on eBay that are a lot cheaper than has been quoted on LF. The Nickel coating may not be relevant, after all, and it may be the Lithium monolayer that gives the negative electron affinity that seems to be what is useful. Still, start with a perfect replication before modifying things….